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Nikole C.
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Our trading system is powered by state of the art AI algorithms to offer you highly profitable trading. You don’t need any crypto trading background to make money with our system. Moreover, it’s free and easily accessible both on desktop and mobile devices. Register now and enjoy daily returns of up to 60%. *All trading involves risk.

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John F. Dublin, Ireland

Profit: $ 48,853

I never believed in bitcoin trading until I tried Bitcoin Profit. This trading system has changed my life. I no longer have to worry about paying bills. My mortgage is fully paid, and I have almost doubled my savings.

Fiona W. Sydney, Australia

Profit: $ 13,146

I am making more money per month than all my peers’ thanks to Bitcoin Profit. This is despite being a stay-at-home mum. I have earned over $10,000 in the last two months and from a deposit of $250 only.

Brian K. Johannesburg, SA

Profit: $ 73,456

I was introduced to Bitcoin Profit by a friend at the beginning of this year. Eight months later, I am almost hitting $80k in total profits. I started at $250 only and have been reinvesting more than 80% of the daily profits.

Maureen K. Dubai, UAE

Profit: $ 9,763

Bitcoin Profit has proven to be the easiest and perhaps most profitable way to trade bitcoin. I have been in professional trading for over ten years and have never seen such a profitable system. This trading robot can generate up to 60% in daily returns.


We value our clients and have, therefore invested in a highly transparent trading environment. Our trading system is based on blockchain to ensure seamless peer to peer transactions. You can monitor all aspects of your account in real-time, and you can raise and solve disputes through smart contracts.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the backbone of algorithmic trading. We have invested in the industry’s best trading algorithms. Our algorithms apply High-Frequency Trading (HFT) trading strategy. HFT strategies involve the bot crawling through big data at supersonic speeds and generating high-quality signals.


We trade through high-quality robot brokers. Our clients enjoy free and unlimited withdrawals. You can withdraw at any time by submitting a request through the provided form. Please note that only verified accounts can withdraw. You can only withdraw through the method used to deposit.



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How does Bitcoin Profit work?

Step 1
Register on the Site

We require all users to sign up on our platform to access the Bitcoin Profit platform. The sign up process is simple and only takes a few minutes. You can always contact our customer service team if you need help.

Step 2
Fund Your Account

You need to fund your Bitcoin Profit account for our trading robot to place trades on your behalf. We require all users to have at least $250 in their account before accessing our web trader platform. This amount is enough to take positions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when using leverage.

Step 3
Start Trading

You do not need any experience to trade with the Bitcoin Profit app. We are 99.99% automatic, which means that live trading involves very little manual input. Moreover, we provide comprehensive guides and tutorials to help users set up a live trading account.



Is Bitcoin Profit a scam or Ponzi scheme?

Bitcoin Profit is neither a scam nor a Ponzi. We generate returns for our users by trading the fast-paced bitcoin market. Our system ensures a transparent trading environment through DLT technology.

Is Bitcoin Profit profitable?

Our trading algorithms implement HFT trading techniques to generate profits from even the slightest market movement. We trade at high leverage to ensure great returns from small trading accounts.

What are the requirements to register?

You only need to be in a country that supports CFDs trading and have at least $250 in trading capital. We are an auto trading system, and hence no form of specialized skill is required to trade with us successfully.

Does Bitcoin Profit have a mobile app?

Yes! We offer a free Android/iOS mobile app to all users. You will receive an email with instructions on how to download and set up your account on the app. All our platforms are encrypted to ensure user safety.

How much time does it take to trade?

Bitcoin Profit runs on autopilot and hence requires very little time to operate. At least 15 minutes daily are enough to adjust your account for live trading. You should let Bitcoin Profit run for at least 8 hours daily uninterrupted.

Does Bitcoin Profit charge any hidden fees?

No! Bitcoin Profit doesn’t charge any hidden fees.  You will only need to part with 2% of commissions earned through the system. No charges are placed on unprofitable accounts.

An In-depth look into Bitcoin Profit

How to Open a Bitcoin Profit Account

We are available in all countries with regulations that support fast-paced derivatives trading. You should be able to run our system if you can access this page without the use of a VPN. Bitcoin Profit is a free trading software that is easy to use for all.

1) Register: Registering an account with us shouldn’t be a problem. We only require you to submit accurate identifying details and very ID with one of our brokers. It’s nowadays a requirement in most countries for deposit-taking institutions to verify the identities of their users.

2) Deposit: You need at least $250 in trading capital to trade with us. All deposits happen through our partner brokers. Most of our brokers accept deposits through debit and credit cards, bank transfer, and some e-wallets.

3) Trading Education and Demo: Bitcoin Profit comes with a demo to help users prepare before going live. The demo is a perfect simulation of the live platform. This implies that users can master the features of the live account without having to risk their trading capital.

4) Live Trading: Live trading is as simple as can be. Simply adjust the Stop Loss and Take Profit features are required and click the live button. Please remember that no form of trading is risk-free. Invest wisely!

What is Bitcoin Profit?

We are a trading program that conducts bitcoin trading automatically. You need to sign up for free on our website and deposit at least $250.

Our algorithms will do the trading research for you and automatically instruct the underlying broker to implement trades. You can manage your Bitcoin Profit account on our highly intuitive web-trader or Android/iOS mobile app.

There are only a few settings to be adjusted manually. A trading tutorial video is available on the resources page to help you do this.

Facts about Bitcoin Profit

We have been offering automated trading services for the last six years. Here are interesting facts about our trading system.

  • Bitcoin Profit is the oldest AI-powered robot for bitcoin trading. We were launched two years before the boom of 2016/2017.
  • Our trading system was a major contributing factor to the crypto boom. Most of our users became extremely wealthy during the boom.
  • YYou don’t need any formal education to trade with our system. This is because it automates all the technical aspects of trading.
Bitcoin Profit and Celebrities

We are a popular trading system covered in leading publications and featured on popular TV programs.

The popularity has also attracted a fair share of fake news. Some gossip celebrity blogs have associated us with celebrities as follows.

Elon Musk Bitcoin – Some gossip sites have mentioned our system alongside Elon Musk. These platforms claim that we have received angel investment from this celebrity. However, this is a lie.

Richard Branson Bitcoin – Branson has also been mentioned as one of our investors. However, this is not true. Branson loves bitcoin in general, but he hasn’t disclosed investing in it.

Kate Garraway Bitcoin – There are rumours that the host of Good Morning America has backed us financially.

Please note that Bitcoin Profit has not secured any form of angel Investment. We haven’t sought any investment from investors, and we are not planning to do so.

Bitcoin Profit App Review: Final Word!

We are a reputable trading system operating in full transparency and with a strong reputation. Our system is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

AI is the backbone of any worthwhile algorithmic trading strategy. This technology enables trading algorithms to scan big data at supersonic speed and with high accuracy. Thanks to this technology, our trading system can trade news better than Wall Street’s best day trader.

The DLT technology, on the other hand, is all about transparency. This technology enables our clients to monitor their accounts in real-time, engage in P2P transactions, and solve disputes through smart contracts.

Try us for free through the signup form above.