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About us

Bitcoin Profit allows you to trade BTC volatility at a high win rate. We are among the pioneers in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crypto trading.

Bitcoin Profit is equipped with powerful algorithms capable of analyzing large data sets and gleaning insights from them. Our trading algorithm performs historical chart analysis to identify trading patterns that are likely to repeat themselves in the market.

We are also among the few trading robots that perform news trading at a high win rate. Our trading algorithm relies on the AI subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to glean insights from market driving global news.

Bitcoin Profit was launched in 2016 and has since then established itself as the most popular brand in automated crypto trading.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit offers the best opportunity to capitalize on BTC volatility. Bitcoin is rising steadily in 2021 with analysts predicting that it will hit $100,000 by the end of the year.

Bitcoin Profit helps you ride the wave like a pro. With our trading system, you could generate up to 70% in daily return on investment. It’s possible to join the growing list of BTC millionaires in less than a year if you compound the daily returns.

We work with well-regulated brokers, and hence your funds are safe with us. Regulated brokers observe deposit protection measures such as segregation and regular external audits. Deposit segregation involves separating the broker’s working capital with deposits.

Our partner brokers segregate funds through tier-one banks in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. They are also subject to quarterly audits by leading audit firms. Our trading system comes with a powerful demo to help you master the live account without risking your capital.

The demo back-tests on historical data and offers a perfect demonstration of what to expect in real-time trading.

The Bitcoin Profit Software

Bitcoin Profit is a piece of software powered by blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is the backbone of any successful auto-trading strategy.

This technology enables machines to study large data sets at breathtaking speed and generate high-quality insights. Bitcoin Profit applies the subsets of AI of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning (DL) to perform trading research.

Through DL and NLP, Bitcoin Profit can analyze thousands of historical trading charts within a microsecond. Charts analysis involves identifying patterns that are likely to repeat themselves and convert them into trades.

Bitcoin Profit also scans hundreds of thousands of web-pages to identify tradable news. The robot does this at a supersonic speed and hence places trades 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets.

Bitcoin Profit Review 2021

We have been reviewed far and wide by both individual consumers and experts.  Our trading system is top-rated on TrustPilot after over 20,000 reviews. There are also long Bitcoin Profit Reddit threads.

Experts have also reviewed us on high ranking crypto publications in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. Please note that you can trade with us anywhere in the EU, Australia, and North America.

We also accept clients from some parts of the Middle East and Africa. Bitcoin Profit is not available for US clients because the regulations there do not support retail CFDs trading.

Bitcoin Profit Dragons Den

Dragons Den is a reality TV show that features entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to angel investors.

Some cloned websites have claimed that Bitcoin Profit was pitched on this show. However, this is not true! We have never sought any form of financing from angel investors. Avoid the Bitcoin Profit Dragons Den scams by ensuring that you sign up on the official Bitcoin Profit website.

We are fully transparent and have therefore made all disclosures on this page. Our customer service is also on standby, ready to answer all your questions.